Story Behind The Art

Our degenerate sharks are known to get too crazy and have gotten banned from many night clubs. That's when our leaders had enough, and decided to create their own club right here on Solana!

about the launch

Minting Begins

April 1, 2022 3 PM EST

Total Mints


Price per Mint

0.1 SOL

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Our Roadmap


Our mint is scheduled for April 1st, at 3PM EST 

DAO Formation                               

All sharks will be verified and added to our exclusive DAO. 50% of royalties will go into a DAO fund where holders can vote on how the funds are spent.


We will integrate staking where you earn $FISH tokens for staking your shark. Lots of $FISH will be airdropped to our sharks and $FISH will have creative utility.


We will acquire land in a metaverse and holders will have access to our special Degenerate Shark Club in the metaverse.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team with years of experience in their relevant roles. It is super important for us to ensure the longevity of the project and we are well equipped to support its growth.  

Founder / Tech Lead
Co-founder / Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy one?

They will be minted here on our own website. After mint we will be on magic eden.

How many sharks are in the club?

We wish to accept every shark into the club, but the maximum we can let in is 999.

How much will it cost to mint?

Our mint will be 0.1 SOL.

Why is the mint price so low?

We value community above all else, and wanted everyone to be able to mint without worrying about the price. We are here for the long-run and want everyone to be able to join the club!

Will there be utility for holding the sharks?

Soon after launch we will be implementing a DAO system where the NFTs act as the ticket to vote. Holders will be able to stake their sharks for our $FISH token which will have creative utility. Holders will have special access to our own Degen Shark Club in the metaverse.

Are degenerate sharks going to make it?